Trial by Tired

My friend recently asked me, “When was the last time you slept through the night?”

I laughed.¬† (Because, really, it’s been forever.)¬† Then I had to stop and think.¬† Probably about¬†3 months¬†into¬†the pregnancy with my first daughter.¬† So that puts us at the 6 year mark.¬† Like I said, forever.

I bet you get it.¬† Maybe you don’t have little tiny ones waking you in the night, but I bet you that you don’t jump for joy when your alarm clock goes off in the morning.¬† Stressful work, overwhelming commitments, and yep, those precious little kiddos have a way of messing with sleep that leaves tired as a banner over the day.

We’ve all read the articles about exhaustion, and basically what they boil down to is, GET MORE SLEEP.

To me, this is supremely unhelpful.  I would if I could.  I bet you would, too.

There is plenty of information out there about how much sleep you need, and how turning off electronics is important, and how to apply whatever magic remedy with 600-thread-count sheets and a soothing noisemaker and bingo! A beautiful, 8-hour chunk of interruption-free snores.

Maybe that works for some people, but at our house, I only wish it was that simple.

Now, I know that sleep deprivation can be quite dangerous, and I’m in no way advocating not trying to get more sleep.¬† Hey, I’m all for more sleep.¬† But here’s the deal:¬†I try to get more sleep.¬† I really, really do.¬† And I’m just in a stage right now where it just. isn’t. happening.

So how does a weary, worn-out, exhausted girl function and live happy through seasons of sleep deprivation?

I’ll be diving into all of that in my upcoming e-book: Tired: Living Fully Engaged Through The Weary Season.¬† But I wanted to chat with you guys about it, too.

Because, I don’t want to wait until I’m getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to really live.¬† I don’t want to put my life and my ministry and my joy on hold for the decade that my kids are little.¬† And when I read that God uses trials in my life to grow and refine me, I can see glimpses of an eternal purpose behind all the tired.

I have been allowed these trials (yes, the constant weariness and the headaches) by a loving God who desires my best Рand as Beth Moore so aptly states, He places more priority on my character than my comfort.

I need less to be comfortable and more to lean on Jesus.

I don’t need a headache free life.¬† I don’t need uninterrupted sleep, because if I did, that’s what I’d be getting.¬† For some reason, the God who loves me has called me to this season, this “trial by tired” for reasons only He fully understands.¬† He loves me, and this is His best for me right now.

And for all the rest I’m¬†not getting on my pillow, I can absolutely rest in that confidence all day (and all night) long.¬† My deepest need has always been, and will always be the One who made me.

I need more and more and MORE of Jesus.

Are you in a “tired” season?¬† What most encourages you in the midst of all the weariness?

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