Love Wins

Her skin was almost translucent, like damp tissue paper. The stench made me want to hurl, the odor of digested blood unmistakable, permeating the cramped E.R. room. Her eyes, faded with age were sunken behind smudged glasses. Rings hung loose on her thin, arthritic fingers, knuckles swollen and twisted.

A soul fluttering butterfly-soft on the slippery edge between this world and the next.

I heard she died the next day.

“Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.” (Eccl. 12:7)

And then what?

Is God some fearful Judge who weighs her good deeds against her bad ones and comes up with an arbitrary ruling?  And someday, does the same with you and me?



Could a loving God send anyone to hell?

Maybe the bad ones.  I could see that.

And then, I see the stain dripping all over the days of my life, the hellish poison that has infected mankind from Eden’s first forbidden mouthful…selfishness.  Ingratitude. Bitterness. I stumble in the rubble of my own destructive choices.

Apart from God’s grace, aren’t we all capable of untold evil?  Sin, like Ebola, is a death sentence. A mere drop is deadly.

Does He send people to hell?

Or is it we ourselves who resist the cure like it’s a poison, flailing like a two year old in full-on tantrum that we will have our way if it kills us.

It will.

In the midst of the ugly, God shows up. The cross – the senselessly brutal instrument of torture – becomes a victory symbol of God’s unfailing love for the very ones who reject and despise Him. The antidote for hell is within every. single. person’s. grasp.

He offers not rejection, but redemption.  His love beckons, a beacon in the whirling turbulence.

And we choose it, or not.

Jesus Christ came once as a suffering, servant-Messiah, but He is coming as a Warrior-King. His absolute mercy and grace was written for all time on the pages of history in His blood. But a day is coming when He will also write His passion for justice and righteousness in the blood of the unrepentantly evil.

Isn’t this still love?

How can a loving God look the other way when children are bruised and abused, dignity trampled upon, vows broken, callous cruelty runs rampant? Don’t we cry in the darkness of this sin-blighted world for justice and how long, Lord? How can we not?

A day is coming when the Lion of Judah will roar.  Our choices for all of eternity will be made clear.  A life without God remains a life without God.

So, does God send people to hell?  Nope.  I don’t believe so.  But plenty of people are going there, carried in a handbasket of their own choosing.

It’s not love that fails.

God’s perfect love displayed in equal justice and mercy…

That’s the love that wins.


51 thoughts on “Love Wins

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  2. I will never stop being thankful to be loved by the one true God so much so that He sent His son to die for my sins, mistakes, and human imperfections. I know tht I am forgiven because like you my heart breaks over all of the atrocities going on in our world.

  3. “And we choose it, or not.” I think this is the whole key to this life. We are here for a purpose- will we choose to follow our Heavenly Father or not, and to get an earthly body. Through it all, He has given us freedom of choice, and we can choose good or evil. After we die Heavenly Father still loves us- just as we love our wayward children despite all they do. He wants us to be happy in the eternity as well as here on Earth. Those that have done evil would not be happy in a place surrounded by those who have followed Christ all their days. They will go to one of the ‘mansions’ where they will be happy. Each of us will go where we have chosen, through our actions during life. God’s love wins every time!

    Thank you for your beautiful post!

  4. I really like your take on this. Does God send people to hell? No, they go by their own choosing. This is a topic that I know a lot of people struggle with and I like your reminder that God leaves our eternal destiny up to us and the choices we make. He has offered us the salvation we need but He will never force it upon us.

  5. Love always wins! You had me sucked in from the first paragraph. Thanks! Great, thought-provoking ideas here. I definitely need to work on being a better person.

  6. Yes, just as Jesus said….and the greatest of these is LOVE. Nothing beats love. I am also reminded of Corinthians 12. All about love. Thank you for this post. Indeed nothing beats love

  7. Love definitely wins. Also, I think some of us forget that God granted us the freewill. The power to make it into Heaven lies within all of us. It’s up to us to live our lives according and choose whether or not we will follow the path God has laid out for us.

  8. Wow…such a difficult topic to address and you did it so well. People do not want to accept hell as their own decision, but we make the decision of where we will spend in eternity.

  9. I can’t stand the smell of blood, I wouldn’t want to experience the smell of digested blood. Blah. I liked the imagery you provided of the toddler tantrum resisting the cure like it’s poison. You sure know how to paint a picture in your writing! God’s love is amazing if we only accept it.

  10. Great hook and vivid use of imagery. I wasn’t sure where this post was going at first, but I was compelled to read. Great job.

    It all boils down to two words, “choice” and “love.” He loved us enough to give us free will. But so many people don’t realize that. They don’t understand why He allows things to happen. It’s not His doing but ours and the result of our sin nature. All from man’s fall from grace.

    But He loves us enough not to let us perish, we just have to choose Him.

  11. You’re exactly right. Love does win. Always. God’s love is so much bigger than any of us can even imagine. I think there will be a lot of surprised people when we all get to heaven! :)

  12. I think people choose their eternity by the choices they make in life. God is a good all the time, loving and kind. I like this sign I have seen in church before “Aint’ God good!”

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