Living With Longing

They were given a simple job to do: pick up the toys scattered across the living room floor while I folded the contents of the dryer.


And, when we’re done, I added, we’ll get out the Christmas boxes!!!

It might have been 45 seconds into the cleaning up that the squabbling started.  The “he’s not doing his share,” and the fussing over toys being put away, and the gargantuan nature of the task overshadowing any foretaste of the magical contents of the Christmas boxes.

“Hang on, guys!  I’ll be there in a minute!”  I hollered, folding tee shirts and onesies and varying small outfits with blinding speed.

It took me less than the promised minute to follow up with the disgruntled children, and soon order was restored (in a relative, clean-enough-to-be-healthy-dirty-enough-to-be-happy sort of way).  The fun of digging through Christmas decorations, and filling the book basket with Christmas books, and hanging the mistletoe, and getting out the Little People Nativity…

it overshadowed any of the aggravation of cleaning up the toys.

It’s human nature to be captivated by what’s right before our eyes.  And sometimes it’s easy to cry out to God that it’s not fair and why are You taking so long and why don’t You make THEM behave?

Oh, it’s easy, isn’t it, to get lost in the rabbit trails of what ifs and shoulds and how long?

But God is a promise keeper.  And He gave us a map to navigate this life, this messy, toys-all-over-the-floor moment that seems so long now…but some day will seem like the merest blink of an eye in the face of all that heaven promises.  He’ll sort it all.  Those “kids” that aren’t doing their share?  He sees it.  This mess that we can’t contain?  He’s got it.

Look up!  Long for it.  Our hearts were crafted for heaven, for Him.  It’s okay to want more.  To be dissatisfied with not seeing Him.  To holler for Him at the top of our lungs and long for the day He comes back.  “Let all creation rejoice before the Lord, for He comes!” (Psalm 96:13)

He will come, He will.  And the glory, and the beauty, and the splendor and the rightness will snatch your breath away.

It’ll be better than Christmas.


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