A Foot Washing Life

Remnants of the cornstarch and conditioner play doh littered every flat surface within a 5 foot radius of the table.  It obscured the table, the chairs, and was spread generously over the floor I had swept mere hours earlier.  I picked up, and wiped down, and found myself crouched under the table with a little mountain of play doh crumbs that softly wafted the scent of strawberries and cream.  Staring somewhat sightlessly at the mess, I found myself ruefully reflecting on the truly endless nature of a homemaker’s job.

“It never ends, Lord.”  I whispered.

And I heard Him whisper back to my heart, “These are the feet I want you to wash.”

It puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?  If Jesus wants me to wash stinky little feet and chase wriggly little people and clean up play doh crumbs, what of it?  I cannot be Mother Teresa, but this…this, I can do.  Serving my sweet family, giving what I can when I can to others?  Yes, I can do this.  It isn’t glamorous, but isn’t it necessary?  Who would do it, if not me?

It’s not mindless drudgery when it’s the ministry I’ve been given.  This ministry of little things and little people, little tasks, little sacrifices, little acts of faithfulness…it’s little bits and pieces fitting together into a master mosaic of beauty.

Our character is revealed in the little things, Jesus said.

Wiping fingerprints off smudged glass?  Scrubbing the nastiness of half a week’s worth of use off the toilet?  Bleaching garbage cans that reek of poopy diapers?

Foot washing, people.  And that’s okay.

Because I walk in the footsteps of a King who was not too proud to cradle calloused, smelly feet in the hands that span the cosmos.

“Go,” He said, “And do likewise.”

And when the weariness comes, and the smell and the dirt overwhelm, it’s His love that spans the cosmos-wide gap between who we want to be and who we find ourselves to be, supplying all that we need for life and godliness.

The how to and the why of that next foot we are washing …is Jesus.

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