Oh, Monday…Sometimes I Hate You.

Do you ever dread Mondays?

I do.

There’s the hurricane-like state of the house mess from the weekend.¬† And a whole big long list of things to get through accomplish for the week.¬† Then, of course, there’s the whole getting back into routine issue, which can feel a lot like herding cats around here.¬† Or eating an elephant with a rubber baby spoon.

One bite at a time, you say?


If I’m doing well,¬†I brace myself and remember the big picture.¬† You know, how the whole week fits into the framework of the month and the season, and then break down everything that needs to happen in the week into days.¬† (Have you seen my Printable Schedule?¬† It’s what I use to organize the day.)¬† If I’m not feeling so gung-ho, things start to devolve. I procrastinate.¬† I kind of drag my feet and decide to wing it.¬† Trouble.

I know, I know, if you’re not a control freak Type A, this may make no sense to you.¬† Feel free to skip along.¬†

But if you’re one of those √úber organized people who live and breathe sticky notes and lists and kind of hyperventilate in the office organization section of Target, you get me.¬† The struggle is real, isn’t it?

Now, I was going to make a cute little printable for you to help you plan out the week, but the internet is already awash with said cute little printables.  And you probably already have a calendar.

So here’s the challenge:¬†just use¬†what you have.¬† If you have a planner, use it.¬† If you love Google Calendar, by all means, knock yourself out.¬† Because, waaaaay too often, my perfectionism trips me up.¬† If I can’t spend 3 hours and a roll of washi tape on it, I just won’t do it at all.¬† Don’t let this happen to you.¬† (I won’t if you won’t.)

(Don’t forget to pray about it.)¬† God’s agenda is way better than yours.¬† Don’t plunge into this week without consulting your Boss.

In the words of the popular Nike¬ģ slogan, just do it.¬† Don’t talk about it.¬† Don’t imagine how much better it will be when you finally get around to it.¬† (I may speak from experience, here.)

Grab your list, grab your calendar, grab your coffee (amen?)¬†and make it happen…I’ll be doing the same.

Maybe in time I won’t hate Monday quite so much.

We’ll see.

Grace and peace, friends.

– Kelly

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