Boredom Buster for Littles – And Help for Mama: Free Printable

Alaina is already an incredible help.

She has daily chores, but recently I’ve been hearing “I’m bored” a whole lot more.  So, I created a “Pick-A-Chore” list that I can whip out twice a day and let her choose something that not only busts boredom and instills good habits, but contributes towards keeping our house a nice place to live.

I thought you might want that as a free printable!  Eventually, I’m thinking about adding more age categories, but for now all I have is a Pick-A-Chore Kindergarten list.

Let me know what you think! 

As always, not all chores are suitable for all children, and NONE of them should be done unsupervised.  So use parental discretion, and enjoy!

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