Chasing Pirates

If I grabbed your calendar and looked for blank space this week, I would bet Captain Hook’s hook that there’s precious little time unaccounted for.  Am I right?  We are already scheduling dinner plans with people for mid-March.  C-R-A-Z-Y.  And yet, as part of my New Year’s resolutions, I am making intentional plans to regularly shower my family with love (and grab as many other willing participants along the way as possible!)  Loving my man and our little tribe of Oompah Loompah’s takes effort, but boy is it worth it!  Last month we had a LET IT SNOW DATE and 2 weeks ago, my friend Stef at EvenHeroesHaveBeds wrote about her BOWLING FOR CHOCOLATE date night.  (Bowling?  Chocolate?  What’s not to love, right?)

This week, it’s all about pirates.  Hidden treasure, snapping crocodiles, a treasure map – oh, and lots of yummy food and silliness, too.  (We’re not talking about anything elaborate, here.)

Just decorate the table with some fun tropical-ish colored party supplies.  You could always get some fun printables and let the Oompah Loompahs go to town and decorate (or, if you don’t mind going the easy route, you can use fresh fruit to decorate like we did.)

Enlist help to decorate a box for the treasure chest, and another HUGE box for the Pirate ship.  (We love Amazon Subscribe and Save for so many reasons, not the least of which is the mammoth boxes we receive on a monthly basis!)    Let your tribe go to work with paper and glue, markers, crayons, stickers – whatever!  If you don’t have a big box, you can always use couch cushions, or pillows, or anything your wild imagination can come up with!

Now, you’ll need something to go into that treasure box.  I ordered the kids each a fun book, but you could do a small toy, or a sweet treat, or anything else you know they would love!

Alaina got a Tinkerbelle book with a CD, which was a big hit!

And JoJo – who alternates between pretending to be Peter Pan himself, or the crocodile that chases Captain Hook – got his own copy of the immortal story. *happy two year old sigh*

Hide the treasure chest somewhere that your little pirates won’t find it, and make a treasure map.  It doesn’t have to be accurate in any way, just use fun names like “Hook’s Cove” and “Crocodile Lake” and so on.   Then tear up the treasure map and place one piece under each dinner plate.

See how cunning this is?  They have to work together to get the treasure!    (Insert sneaky mom laugh here.)  And yes.  You’re welcome!  😉

So now that the table is set, the ship is decorated, the treasure is hidden, and the map is distributed, it’s time to head to the galley and “starrrrrrt” cooking!

You can make any number of fun piratey foods, but we settled on barnacles and squid and island fruit.  (Also known to landlubbers as fried rice and chicken teriyaki on toothpicks and the fruit on the table.) Hey, it’s all in how you sell it, right?

(A word of caution: I would strongly recommend removing the toothpicks before allowing your little pirates to serve themselves!  No one wants to go the E.R.!)

After everyone eats, it’s time to bring out the (wait for it….)


(You can get ’em on Amazon, which is easy, but they are WAY less expensive at Wally World or a dollar store.)

Everyone gets a sticky hand, and stands outside your designated pirate ship.  The last players to not stick their hands to the ship get tossed overboard to the crocodiles!!!   It’s a very silly game, but the kids loved it!  Until, of course, it digressed into an even funnier game of trying to whack each other with the sticky hands…but hey.  It’s all about great memories, right? 

Then treasure chest hunting!

(Please don’t judge my messy house!)

You can finish up with an appropriate pirate movie like Peter Pan: Diamond Edition (if you’re not independently wealthy, borrow it from the library like we do!) 

And after the little pirate rascals are tucked into their hammocks, you and the hubs can go on your own treasure hunt!

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  1. Jan says:

    Kelly – If while your children are young AND being home-schooled, you consistently have a neat house, you are tooooo occupied with house and are missing LIFE!! LOVE YOU, FRIEND.

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