When the Rain Comes – Date Night

I had the perfect date planned.

We were going to jump on our motorcycle and ride into the sunset and after a good 40 minute ride, stop off at a 1950’s diner for the best burgers that ooze ketchup and pickle juice down your hands. Mmmmm. As I always do, I micro planned everything three weeks in advance. Finally, when the day arrived I threw back the curtains to a glorious… thunder storm? NO!!!!!! My date was ruined!!!! Or was it? The whole point to dates is spending time with my best friend isn’t? So a little change in plans is sometimes required.

When the rain comes date night:

I’ll have to admit, when I saw the rain pouring down I contemplated throwing in the towel, but that’s just not how I’m made. If this happens to you, (or you plan a date on a gloomy day), a lot of cozy places come to mind like “coffee shop” or “patisserie” or “bed” wait what? All of these ideas are completely worthy, but when you do that, you’ll be spending your date with 9 other couples who are stranded as well (except the bed idea). So instead of heading indoors, go ahead with your outdoor plans. Grab a blanket to sit on, and another to cozy up in. Grab that burger lunch but make it carry out. Stop by the coffee shop and choose your favorite drink. Then head to your local park and set up your picnic in the gazebo. You’re sure to have a pretty intimate date since the other 9 couples will still by stuffed inside that coffee house waiting for the rain to clear up. Also, grab your rain boots and umbrella for a little puddle stomping if the urge hits. If you are photography lovers, bring along your camera too. Your camera has a timer on it so that you can take a few cute pics of your oh so romantic rainy day picnic, now those will be memories worth holding on to!

Who knows? Maybe the sun will peak out anyway

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