Putting the Art in HeART

Stef from evenheroeshavebeds.com has strapped on her superhero cape to bring us another great date night idea!  In case you missed our last several date night ideas, check out Pirate Night and Bowling For Chocolate.

Putting the Art in HeART

Its date night you all! This time we’re going to be channeling our inner Da Vincis, Michelangelos, Picassos or, for those of us who reach for the moon and end up hitting the stars, Big Birds.

Yes I’m talking art!! Never fear! I’m not thinking of trudging through an art museum, sipping white wine and analyzing art forms that I have no knowledge of (Although, if you love this sort of evening by all means get out there and oogle!). Actually, I’m talking about embracing your creative side because it’s fun!

The Set Up:

If you’re surprising your significant other, then just hand them a paintbrush as a clue. They’ll think you’ve finally decided to paint the basement and they will be thrilled or terrified. Either way, it should be an enjoyable moment.

Pre-date dinner options:

It is common knowledge that artists are at their best when they are living off of coffee and their creative juices (what an economical solution for a pre date dinner!!).

This juice is getting me creative already!!!

Or if you need a little more sustenance, then you can go out to Mexican food (because that’s about as artsy fartsy as us rednecks can get!).

The Date:


There is a fad that is sweeping the nation and I just had to get in on it for our date night this week. It’s where you go to an art studio and receive step by step instructions on how to paint an original painting that you have pre-selected. The cool part is that you need absolutely no previous art experience, and you get to come home with a pretty fantastic piece of art. What if you make a mistake? No problem, the teacher is there to help you fix it. Win Win.

The idea behind this though, is to try something you’ve never tried and create a unique experience where you can sit and talk as you create. It’s pretty laid back and we were able to talk about life, the kids, and dream about fun times in the future. Now, every time I look at our wall, I remember that fun evening I had with my favorite partner in crime.


Other Options for the financially strapped:

Grab a mandala coloring book, and spend the evening coloring a picture together. Write some of your favorite memories of the date or even from the year on the back and frame it. It’s beautiful art, but the time spent is what makes if even better.

“There’s more than one way to be creative — everyone is creative and can be creative in their own way.”- David B. Goldstein

If you’re interested in your own artsy date night. Google: “Date paint night”.

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