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Hey ladies, it’s been a good long month since we chased pirates, and 2 weeks since we put the art in heart.  Are you ready to love on that family some more?  I hope so, ’cause this is going to be FUN.

You know, sometimes I think that my family just really needs to know that I like them.  You know?  Oh, sure, I love them.  But their sweet little hearts sometimes just need to know that their mama likes them.  Appreciates their quirks and personalities and interests.  And Superman?  He likes to hear it and see it, too.  You get my drift.

So, without further ado…

It’s Favorite Things date day, girl.

It’s all about their favorite things.  This will be a completely unique date, because of course, every family is going to have a whole different jumble of favorite things.  I’ll tell you what we did, and then you can get creative and spoil them with a special day!!!

We started off with their favorite breakfast…who can resist fun pancakes with chocolate?

I made a princess, a dinosaur, and a lion – just in case you were wondering. 


And, of course, I needed a “J” pancake for my Superman – because my Joe is my favorite person.  If you knew him, you’d understand.  Seriously.

Then, after chores, we went outside hunting puddles.  So much fun…I may have even splashed in a few myself!

Then, we went to the playground.  We were all muddy within 3 minutes (in fact, I seriously doubt it took that long), but hey…when you’re little, mud is another favorite thing.

Three adorable little faces…definitely 3 of my favorite things!

And then home for lunch.  PB&J by special request.  They’re pretty easy to please.

Nap time was next, which is not their favorite time of day, but ranks pretty high up on my special meter.

Who doesn’t love “brown paper packages tied up with string?”

(Little gifts for everybody was a grand total of $10.  Like most young families, we are all about cost sensitive around here.)

Then, we had one of Joe’s favorite dinners, and after the kids went to bed, Joe and I started on Season 2 of Leverage.  My sister in law got us addicted to it.  Thanks, Amy!

So there you go…easy peasy, and by no means Pinterest-perfect…but lotsa loving for these special people!  Now, it’s YOUR turn!

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  1. Amy says:

    What a cool idea -and so doable! It looks like the day was a hit! When we were kids, a dinner table tradition was to share our “favorite thing” that happened during the day. Thanks for reminding me about that! (Glad you’re liking Leverage!!!)

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