“drive-in” date night

Date night you all! Let’s get old school and go to the drive in! Oh but wait, you can’t find a babysitter and your tiny-tots are a bit young to leave on their own? Never fear! Creative minds are near!! (Ok that was REALLY nerdy)

This was a really fun date that we got to “go” on this month, and it was really pretty simple too! We took the drive-in concept and brought it home. Literally.

We got our hands on a projector (usually you can check one out from your school, library, or church) and some speakers. Plugged them in to our laptop, and projected a Redbox movie right on to our garage door. Badaboom badabing simple date night here we come!!! I’ve got to tell you though, investing in a projector and speakers wouldn’t be a bad idea either! If you’re brave, rent it out to friends/acquaintances and you can earn a little cash to pay for it. Then a little more for a private concession stand. Win Win!

taking pictures in the dark is HARD

A couple of sleeping bags, some hot chocolate, popcorn, a licorice vine or two and we were pretty cozy. I was also able to keep an eagle eye on my sweet treasures by using a baby monitor with a camera. Seriously you all, there are some investments that are totally worth it, baby monitor with camera? GOOD investment!!!!! We had our “Drive-in” date after the kiddos fell asleep, and although we were 100 or so feet away from them at all times, it still felt like a legitimate date night! It was also pretty awesome to be able to watch something that neither one of us had seen before, and it added a little bit more to the believability. A note of caution though, be sure you trust your date with all your heart if you send them off to pick the movie!!!

Just a couple of crazies watching a movie like a boss

All in all though, it was fun to spend the time together, and that is what makes it a great date!

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