The Other Woman

You’ve heard it a thousand times, that phrase.

The other woman.

It’s used to explain broken families, broken promises, and broken hearts.

If you’re like me, I hate hearing it.  And, honestly, I don’t think it has much to do with me.  But it hit me today….that it does.

I’m passionate about my man.  I want his heart and his hands all to myself.  If any woman tries to take my Superman, the gloves are off.  Call an ambulance…she’ll need it.

That’s how God feels about anything that takes His place in my heart.  It’s called idolatry.

Hosea is a book of heartbreakingly vivid descriptions of just what idolatry feels like to God.  And Romans 1 is a point-by-point treatise on the devastating effects of idolatry in our lives.

God is passionate about idolatry, because He is passionate about us.

When we degrade God in our minds, we degrade ourselves.  Debauched behavior is the evil offspring of idolatry.  And idolatry?  It’s the other woman in our lives, the God substitute.  Whatever we put in the place that is just for Him.

Our hearts ache for our Creator.

And when we are disappointed by life, let down by our expectations and even those that we love…it’s easy to shake our fists and close our hearts to the One we need the most.  Give Him the cold shoulder.

It’s easy to open the door to the other woman.  Pride, self sufficiency, work, our families, shopping, sexual addictions, mind-numbing substances….the list is as long as a pair of thigh-high boots, but it all means one thing: unfaithfulness to the God who will never cheat on us.

What’s first in your heart?

If it isn’t God, then take the gloves off. The next time idolatry knocks, knock out her lights.

No ambulance needed.



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