Imperfect Is Okay!

You might know that I’m a stark raving  perfectionist, Type-A-all-the-way-girl.

Which is a nice thing sometimes, and other times gets in the way of fully embracing the moment.  I’ve come to realize that it’s a part of who I am, and I need to learn to use it wisely.

It’s the reason that I wouldn’t feel like we fully celebrated Christmas if we didn’t do gingerbread houses, and the reason that it just about killed me to use these Charlie Brown-esque little hot glued graham cracker huts, complete with gaping holes.  And the frosting.  Can I just tell you about the frosting?  Too goopy, which resulted in candy avalanches and many giggling moments of slithering candy slides and dripping, gloppy “snow” everywhere.  Not my finest Pinterest-y moment.

But you know what?  They may not be picture perfect, but we had fun.

I’m so glad that I just let my perfectionism have a tantrum by itself.  I’m glad I didn’t let it get in the way of what turned out to be a totally delightful evening with family and friends.  Maybe we could all just exhale that breath we’ve been holding and let a little perfectionism go.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  Crunch time, baby.  And the pressure mounts, and the list lengthens, and the stress can smother all of my merry and bright.  Somewhere between Bethlehem and my living room, the celebration of a King turned into something a whole lot more about me.  Maybe you identify?

Let’s revolt.

Let’s throw off everything that hinders.  Maybe it’s clearing your schedule of a couple of traditions that empty you more than they should.  Maybe it’s slice and bake cookies instead of Great Aunt Martha’s pinwheels.  Maybe it’s skipping fancy wrapping and accepting that simple is just fine.  Or maybe it’s pausing everything and having some one-on-One time with Jesus.

Let’s call up our best friends and our sisters and let’s live daring and wild and free.  Let’s be okay with drippy frosting and fingerprint smudges and not trying to one-up ourselves or anyone else.

In this glittering world that we build for ourselves around Christmas filled with ultimate, best-ever, and magical…let’s not forget that imperfect is okay.  Because we are imperfect.  Kind of the whole reason we have Christmas: God sent His perfect Son for a world gone awry and askew and hopelessly messy.  A world so far from perfect that we didn’t even recognize God among us when we saw Him.

Longing for perfection is good.  But let’s not get so wrapped up in looking for it in the here and now that we forget.

This Advent, can we just remember that what we really need most is not the ultimate, best-ever Christmas, complete with a picture-perfect gingerbread village…but the love of Christ who embraces us, imperfect, messy, and all.

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