Living Intentional – Valuing My Children

These babies of mine.

They’re so different. Different from each other, and different than I’d expected and different than I am or Joe is…they are their own little people.  Sure, they have similarities.  (Lots of them in fact.)  But their core essence?

100% unique.

On the days when I take the long view, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have it any other way.  On the days when their stubbornness and mine collide…well, it’s a different story.  Their little quirks and mine can tangle up and land us all on our proverbial back sides.  As a mother, it’s easier to just correct away the quirks and differences at the same time I’m correcting sin issues.  But that…is sinning against my children, and devaluing the people that God made them.  I’m not here to make them more convenient for me.  I’m here to help them grow into the people God has made them to be.  They are not made in MY image…they are made in HIS.

Loving my children as God has called me to requires me to accept them as unique and priceless individuals with their own set of gifts, talents, and fallibilities.

I am called to study my children, to know them inside and out.  To embrace their strengths.  To train and encourage them in their weak areas.  To pray God’s word over them.  To ceaselessly speak truth and blessing and God’s purpose and calling over them, and not my own.

Treasuring my children means that I not only accept, but celebrate the people that God has made them to be.

You know I’m not one of those super fun, crafty, oh-let’s-make-a-turtle-out-of-a-paper-bowl kind of moms.  I hate the mess.  It strikes me as a total waste of time.  (Who really needs a paper bowl turtle???  At least before, it could be used as a bowl and be one less dish to wash!)  But you know what?  My oldest is a total hands-on, crafty, let’s-dump-glitter-and-pom-poms-on-everything kind of a girl.  Nothing brings a smile to her face faster than pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks.  So this year, I’m making a concerted effort to plan one simple craft for her every day (even if it’s just stringing fruit loops on a cord.)  She’s worth it.  And I want her to know that I love and value her.

Valuing my children means placing them above lesser priorities.

It means engaging them more often than engaging social media.  It means bringing them alongside me even when it’s not convenient.  It means letting them help even when it creates more work for myself.  It means listening.

And I haven’t been good at any of those things.

Scripture promises that God will do more than I ask, and oh, how I need Him to help me love them well.

You too?  Good, then we’re in this together.

By the power of Jesus, we can value them as the priceless treasures that they are.

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  1. Linda says:

    I love that you are seeing your kids as individuals, all created in the image of Christ.
    Oh the wonderful thins you will learn about each one as you watch them grow and become who God always intended them to be.
    Way to go mom, to have a willing heart to encourage your daughter to explore her crafty-side is wonderful, who knows she might be the next Martha Stewart.

    • Kelly Canfield says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Linda! I have so much to learn about becoming the mom God wants me to be!


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