Surviving Busy – Handheld Breakfasts For Crazy Days

VBS kills me every year.

I know, I know, I’m a terrible person for even saying it.  Now before I get a whole huge stack of hate mail, let me clarify that statement by saying that we believe in the value of our church’s Vacation Bible School.  We do.  Jesus + kids + fun activities, stories, and games?  No brainer.  Yes, please.

It’s just the whole feeding, clothing, and getting out the door before 8 a.m. with three kids under the age of 6 that gets me.

Working mothers and single moms, I bow in total respect.  I am not worthy.  You do that crazy shuffle, and I have not a clue how you survive.  (You have definite crowns in heaven waiting for you.  And chocolate covered espresso beans.  Yum.)

Without a doubt, the hardest part of getting us out the door on time is the whole “feeding frenzy.”  I know it’s important to feed the pack of Oompah Loompahs, but it’s hard enough just rolling them out of bed, getting somewhat decent clothes on them, and making sure that they have shoes and socks on.  That’s why I came up with some portable, nutritious breakfast ideas that they could devour in the car.  Oompah Loompahs happy, my sanity saved = win-win.

So, I know, you’re busy and ready to get to the ideas.  Ready to have your life saved?  🙂

GRAB YOUR BREAKFAST HERE, GIRL!  Fast food joints got NOTHING on a prepared, savvy mama with a minivan load of fully fueled kids. 🙂

Grace, peace, and everything bagels,

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