New Year, New You?

2016 lies fragile and nascient on the still-pristine pages of the calendar.  I hesitate, not wanting to disrupt the white that blankets the year like new-fallen snow.  And then my pen scrawls the first appointment, the first week of must-do’s, and the blank space is broken.

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t want to live a life of white space.  I love this bulging at the seams time of life, and yet I wonder if I’m living the time wisely. Am I gaining a heart of wisdom that comes by numbering my days, or am I recklessly crossing them off at a pace that I will one day regret?  The new year dawns a fresh start, a do-over of sorts, and I’m reminded that His mercies are new every morning and oh, how glad I am that His faithfulness is great.  Because honestly?

My plans fail on a daily basis.

Some days I ask, what’s the use? and don’t even write down a plan.  Just so I won’t see that accusing scrap of paper with half the items still undone at the end of the day.  But that doesn’t work any better, because I just have the mounting piles of paper to sort, laundry to cycle through, and dishes to clear away, and my family still needs to be fed, bathed, dressed, and supervised.  There is no walking away from those responsibilities, whether I write them down or not.

So, this year I want to live a little wiser.  I want to do life betterAnd how, you might ask, are you going to do that?  Glad you asked.    Allow me to elaborate.

I’m going to get intentional.  (Bye-bye mindless trolling of Facebook.  Help me, Lord!)  I want to make my decisions in the light of my priorities, rather than the heat of the moment.  These are some questions that I’m asking myself regarding my main priorities:

My Jesus.  Am I growing closer and leaning harder and loving more, or am I getting cooler and busier and going my own way?

My husband.  Am I treasuring him?  Am I growing softer and sweeter and loving him better and better the more that I know him?  Does he know that he’s my top priority after Jesus?

My children.  They are only little once.  Am I training and loving and cuddling as much as I should?  Do I recognize and celebrate their unique personalities and giftings?

My home.  Am I getting better at managing the daily chores and seasonal routines, or am I stuck in a rut and wallowing?

My family and friends.  Do I make extended family and my friends a priority through staying in touch frequently, planning play dates, and hospitality?

My self.  Am I running on empty?  What energizes me?  How can I take better care of myself?

My ministry.  How am I using the gifts that God has given to me, to our family, to serve?

I’d like to break down each of these areas over the next month and see if living with intention can make any difference.  Join me?

And if you have any wisdom, any stories of wins (or even fails – ’cause haven’t we all been there and gotten that tee shirt?) – I’d love to hear from you!


PS. – In case you’re a nerd like me, and wondering which planner I’m using, it’s the Living Well Spending Less Planner by Ruth Soukup.  Because I need lots of help to get organized, I really, really like it. 


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