Living Intentional: My Man

When Superman and I were dating, holding hands was like breathing.  When we were first married, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.  (Sorry, that may be TMI.)  The picture here was taken on our honeymoon, and it was pretty typical of how our first year went.  Lots of kissing, lots of time together, undivided focus on each other.  Singing Dean Martin and Alan Jackson and Jason Mraz to each other in the car.

But 6 and a half years changes things a little (3 kids might also have something to do with that!)  Don’t get me wrong – we’re still crazy about each other.  I still thank God every day for my amazing man.

However, I might have let the kiddos edge out the time I used to take to make him feel extra special.  It’s a different kind of cozy when you’re snuggling in bed with three squirmy children in between you, a different kind of fun when you’re locking lips with Mr. Hotness and little hands are tugging on each of you.  It just takes a little extra intentionality to focus on loving the man when I’ve been juggling the demands of 3 adorable, needy children all. day. long.  Oh, he’s worth it, all right.  Let me tell you, he’s worth it.  It just takes time and effort to make him feel special, and it doesn’t happen on its own anymore.  I have to make it happen.  Lately, I’ve been getting him a little something when I go grocery shopping – his favorite soda, or the expensive kind of chips that he likes, or Twizzlers (which I detest, but he adores.)  But I’ll be honest…I’d like to do more.

This is the man who gets on the floor and tussles with our pack of wild savages high energy kids every night.  Who reads them bedtime stories and tickles their tummies and takes them outside to “help” him with projects.  Who hates cooking, but every year sends me out of the house on my birthday and not only makes me a cake, but cleans up the kitchen too.  The man who shovels his parent’s roof off, and drops everything to help his brother, and is always looking out for others.  The one who patiently, tenderly, tirelessly loves me.  The one who takes us to church every Sunday and prays with us every meal.  Did I mention he’s hot, too?  And funny.

So, you can see why I think he’s beyond extra special.

(Back off, girls.  He’s mine!) 😉

So, this year I’m committed to making darn sure that I treasure him.  We’re talking date night, baby.  But you remember those 3 kids I mentioned?  I don’t have to tell you (because I know that you know!) just how hard it is to get a good babysitter.  And expensive.  We have two wonderful babysitters, but they are gone to college 9 months out of the year (without our permission, I might add!!!)  So, what’s a girl to do?

I may have been whining about this very problem with one of my BFF’s who has the same problem, and we came up with a really fantastic plan.  ‘Cause I know we’re not alone in this issue, right?  #parentsofyoungchildrenunite

This is my friend Stef and her hubby Toby.  They’ve been married for 5 plus years and have 3 adorable munchkins.  They blog over at about the everyday life of a firefighter family and have wonderful, crafty ideas for all kinds of diy projects.  I might add that Stef and I go back more than a decade to nursing school, and Toby was crazy about her even then. 

We’re each going to figure out one simple, cheap cost sensitive date a month and share it with you, so you don’t have to spend the time planning it all out.  It’ll be so fun, those guys won’t know what hit ’em.  Are you in?  Ready to jump on the bandwagon?

All abooooooard!!!!

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  1. Kasi says:

    Love this post! I have subscribed!

    Ive only been married a year, and we have no children but I have definitely been putting my man on the back burner here lately. Between my job and his new business we have been super busy. I want to start implementing *cost sensitive* date nights routinely as well. Cant wait to see and start doing some of your ideas!

    P.S. I just started blogging (literally- like only have 2 posts haha) but you can check it out at

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